Làlia Social

Làlia Social is a recently launched members club located in the heart of Palma de Mallorca, Spain.
Làlia hosts a growing membership community with co-working spaces, a gym, and curated events. Additionally, the club serves delicious, farm-to-table gastronomy sourced from the island.


Product Designer


UX, UI, Branding, Product


2020 — 2023

The business challenge

To create a membership acquisition system. This system must align with the business goals for new membership conversion. Visualise the acquisition system in a customer journey map for usage by the core team.

Instigating the membership strategy

The project began with a conceptualisation process. The core team collaborated with leading consultants with expertise of global members clubs. The core membership kinds formed to establish the community structure and growth strategy.

With this structure the community grows from member associates and recommendations. All individuals are welcome to apply. Specific individual are targets as brand ambassadors.

The different membership kinds meant individuals would select depending on their interest level. This structure enabled our team to position prospective members within the community.

Membership recruitment journey

Aligned to the membership strategy I created the recruitment roadmap for membership applications. The system has eight sequential phases to include the three membership kinds.

This process of steps would also establish a membership committee. Specific steps document the user flows attached to each membership.

The roadmap was central for our team positioning the different member target lists. It was also key at gauging the formation of the vital committee assembly phase.

Membership acquisition tools

Next the roadmap broke into granular detail to identify essential acquisition tools. These tools would assist specific steps within the different phases. The team used the tools as part of member engagement and acquisition processes.

Digital lookbook

Within Phase 3 the team identifies two fundamental tools needed. One tool was a digital lookbook. This gives a first visual impression of the club.

For the lookbook I created a series of hand drawn architectural illustrations. These visuals evoked the club's feel and aesthetic qualities. I collaborated with the lead interior designer, capturing chosen furniture, materials and finishes.

This tool supports in-person conversations about the club by the membership team.

The club’s physical on-site refurbishment was in process at the time of making the lookbook. Therefore, the illustrations were important at expressing the club's interior design to members.

Each illustration references the architect's blueprint and the interior design concept renders.

All drawings lovingly produced by hand using an Apple Pencil and Procreate on the iPad.

Brand acquisition collateral

The second tool within Phase 3 was creating the initial branded collateral. This was as Làlia's new visual identity was born.

I created communication assets for the membership team. These including business cards and keynote presentations. I refined the new brand guidelines document for implementation.

Pop-up events invitations

Throughout the acquisition phases certain members required further engagement about their interest. For these members a series of private pop-up events were held. These events showcased aspects of the club ethos and activities.

For the events I designed a series on digital invitations. These invites communicated the event to specific member groupings. The invites used simple digital file formats for speed and ease-of-sharing.

The invitation’s presentation is minimal in appearance. This was a guiding design philosophy held by the businesses management.

The intention was to create mystique and surprise about the club and expectations.


The process of creating a membership acquisition system I found invigorating and exciting. I learnt about how a membership community of this kind forms. The integral role user experience has in shaping this process is critical. I gained great insight and knowledge in producing viable product strategy and roadmapping.

This project enriched my knowledge of how UX aligns to the demands of a new business. Iteration and flexibility are essential elements. This allows for speed of action and opportunity for amendment where required. The acquisition system creates the foundation to grow the membership community from. The importance of user-centred strategic planning is vital for making a successful system.