House by Sanz

Collected assignments working with property development business House by Sanz. Responsibility for design and production of the brand's marketing materials. Development of design assets and tools with consistency as new projects arise.


Senior Digital Designer


Art Direction, Editorial Design


2017 — 2023

The business challenge

The Spanish property developer create premium quality residential property and hospitality projects. The company works with impeccable attention to detail. They use contemporary architecture and stylish interior design.

The company needed a series of branded publication to match this quality. The publications were for use in marketing operations to their international clientele. To evolve with their existing brand identity with visual consistency for future developments.

Editorial design of brand publications

Design of brochure covers for each of the company's current projects within Mallorca. Brochure design draws focus to property renders with contemporary application of custom typeface.

Brochure cover has a die cut frame, opening onto view of key property visual. Cover typography applies silkscreen printing for elegant finish to touch.

All brochures are bound by hand-stitching with care by local printers.

Editorial layouts combine striking property renders with beautiful photography of the local surroundings. Generous white space communicates the projects key information using Noe typeface family.

Subtle illustrations of building façades combines to the look and feel. This treatment intends to fit with the minimal typographic approach employed. Additionally, this way illustration colour mutes and avoids conflict with the primary renders.

Publications include architectural plans as representation for each residency. Drawn to consistent scale across project brochure for comparison by viewer. Inclusive of key information related to build specification at time of project launch.

Digital and print environments

Quality alignment of a project's presentation and information for specific format demands.

The company advertises in a select number of premium international publication. These targeted to specific markets for buyer interest.

Print advertisment within British Airways on-board publication High Life magazine. Instance of the brand communicating in circulation for desired international target audience.

Design of project websites. Include all publication information by presenting the renders, architectural plans and specifications.

A second source of project reference for interested buyers beyond the local market. The design applies editorial treatment in accordance to mobile and device responsiveness.

All publication are additionally produced in digital format as interactive presentation. Used for correspondence between company sales team and stakeholders as extra sales tool.

An advantageous tool for specification updates post project launch. Bespoke design enquiries or material amendments applied for up-to-date publication data during construction.

Design ‘In Construction’

Brand tools used 'on the job' during a project's continued development.

A digital specification and finishes document is essential. This can communicate extensive details and configurations with clients.

Includes specifics of materials and technologies used throughout a property. Produced as digital presentation format for swift update if required.

On-site property vinyls applied during construction. Offering a direct advertisements of the project to site visitors and local audience.


Working with House by Sanz is an engaging and fruitful enterprise. Self-described 'Connoisseurs of good living' the company encapsulate this spirit within their projects. The properties hold the highest production aesthetics in architecture and design.

I am proud of the work we have created together. Creating brand assets to reflect these values is both challenging and rewarding. The dedication needed to build properties of this quality I admire.

I have applied this energy to my design solutions in pursuit of quality outcomes. It has been an efficacious process to grow their brand reflecting this philosophy.